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Super-Wallpaper Jacksonville 

  • Service Area: Jacksonville Beach

  • Address: 213 6th Ave N, Jacksonville Beach Fl 32250

  • Office Phone: (561)537-6271

Service Area

Jacksonville, FL | Pecan Park, FL | Biltmore, FL | Cisco Gardens, FL | Callahan, FL | Jacksonville International Airport, FL l Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club l Pablo Creek Reserve l Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club  l Ortega / Ortega Forest 

Jacksonville Wallpaper installation & removal

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People have found love relocating from other parts of the US to Florida because it has numerous
locations with amazing beaches. One such place is Jacksonville Beach, an excellent location for residence
and business. If you reside in this area and need to adorn any part of your home with wallpapers, Super
Wallpaper is available to serve you. Our network of wallpaper experts operates in 13 areas in Florida,
including Jacksonville. We not only provide excellent services, but our top priority is to leave you with
maximum satisfaction.

About Us

Super Wallpaper was established in 2002 with a vision of spreading its tentacles across the US. So far,
we cover numerous locations across eight states in the country. We are sticklers for excellent service
delivery when it comes to transforming your walls into masterpieces through either any of our samples
or your self-purchased wallpapers.

As a reputable company, we have remained committed to putting your interest first at all times. You can
easily discern this from your initial consultation with us. Even better is our penchant for providing you
with updates on the progress of work and swiftly answering all your questions. From our services
rendered and various reasons why you should make us your wallpaper installer, we are convinced you
would be eager to partner with us.

Why Choose Us

Experience and Precision
Super Wallpaper brings roughly two decades of experience to the table. You can leverage this to secure
quality wallpaper installation and removal services. While at work, our wallpaper experts pay attention
to every single detail and emphasize precision as a means to deliver impeccable outcomes. This is one of
the main reasons why our clients have trusted our services over the years. It would be nice to have you
too on board!

Free Consultation
Our team is always available to grant you a free consultation. We believe that great results require that
we listen to our clients. They know exactly what they desire, and we take that seriously. That's why we
make ourselves available to discuss your project and provide you with a personalized quote. You can
book a free consultation with us today, and one of our experts would help you create solutions that are
perfect for you.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We prioritize customer satisfaction in all our projects. Once you are on board with us, your satisfaction is
guaranteed. You can benefit from our unique warranty under reasonable terms and conditions as well.
We are sure this will give you peace of mind after the job is done.

Services Rendered

Tailored Wallpaper Installation
At Super Wallpaper, our core services revolve around wallpaper installation in both residential and
commercial buildings. We provide our services in this regard using three broad approaches.
First, we offer you numerous samples from which you can select. Secondly, we make do with wallpapers
that you have already purchased. In addition, we interact with you to generate tailor-made wallpaper
installation solutions that will suit your taste.

Surface Preparation
One of the often-ignored but important aspects of wallpaper installation is surface preparation. We
understand that flawless results can only be achieved if the wall is properly prepared for smoothness
and dryness. As such, we ensure that holes are filled, and other imperfections are taken care of before
installation. That's our little secret of ensuring that each project succeeds.

Wallpaper Removal
Wallpaper removal is equally one of the activities done before installation in cases with preexisting
wallpapers. However, sometimes all you need is to simply remove wallpapers without replacing them.
We are experts at delivering a quality job in this regard. When you have the need of removing damaged
or outdated wallpaper, Super Wallpaper is available 24/7 to help you do a clean job. Speaking of
cleanliness, we do not just do our wallpaper removal job and leave. We also ensure to clean up the
immediate surroundings.

Total Package
Sometimes our clients require the total package starting from initial consultation, material
recommendations, removal of preexisting wallpapers to surface preparation, and installation of new
wallpapers. For us, this is a better alternative to "Doing it Yourself" While DIY is fine for many home
tasks, we always advise our prospective clients to refrain from it when it comes to wallpapers. This is
because only expert wallpaper installers, like those in our team, can guarantee precision and excellent

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